Design & Writing for Users: Keep it Simple

Design & Writing for Users: Keep it Simple - Queen City Media

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has been working it’s way into marketing chatter a lot recently. With constant changes to search algorithms and the competitive nature of PPC, we as marketers need to take things further. You put in the work — using clever marketing materials, ads and SEO strategy to attract visitors. Now it’s time […]

Special Reserve – Volume 1

Queen City Media - Special Reserve - Volume 1

Every day we find helpful, innovative articles. In many instances we end up posting them through our Twitter and Facebook accounts but sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough. We decided to create a bi-weekly series highlighting our favorite articles. In volume 1 we focus on content marketing and content creation. Click the buttons below for full article text. […]

Work as a Team or Crash and Burn

Work as a Team or Crash and Burn - Social Media- Queen City Media

Despite what your cousin, nephew or uncle’s friend may have told you; social media marketing requires skill, strategy and planning. To be effective on social media you need communication from all departments within your business. If internal departments do not buy-in to the concepts of content marketing and social media, things can get messy. In […]

WordPress: Getting Started

Wordpress First Steps: Getting Started - Queen City Media

So you’ve made the jump and installed WordPress? Awesome, now what comes next? I compiled some valuable first-step items that should help you get on your way. So roll up your sleeves and dig in, it’s WordPress time! Secuirty • Maintenance • SEO • Miscellaneous • Extras Security Update Location: Dashboard > Updates Many hosting providers […]