Are You Focused on the Wrong Customer?

Are You Focused on the Wrong Customer? - Queen City Media

Business to business (B2B) and agency customer service can offer a unique opportunity. In most cases with a business to customer (B2C) sale. You create or sell a product directly to an end user. The relationship ends with that customer. Hopefully, in B2C you’re doing everything in your power to make sure that each individual customer […]

Don’t Let FOMO Shape Your Marketing Efforts

Does FOMO Shape Your Marketing Efforts? - Queen City Media

Digital marketing has opened the door to many new avenues for both small and large businesses. With these new avenues, an abundance of new social networks, media outlets and platforms marketing professionals are faced with a dangerous trend: The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) Whether it’s relatively uncharted territory like Vine or Snapchat, or a major trend that is […]

Start Serving Your Customers Cheese and Crackers

Serve Your Customers Cheese and Crackers - Queen City Media

If you’ve been keeping up on our blog, you know that we’re huge proponents of content marketing. Creating blog posts to inform and engage viewers displays expertise about your field without turning away people for being overly “salesy”. Blog posts are nice, but what if you could create an entire website that served a shareable […]

Social Media: Pick Your Poison

Social Media - Too Many Networks - Queen City Media

Don’t get caught up in the obsession of social media. There are great marketing opportunities in social but it’s important that you’re not just joining for the sake of being there. Take the time to learn about your customers. Find out which network is likely to bring the largest return on investment and start planning. […]

3 Collaboration Tools That You Can’t Live Without

3 Collaboration Tools That You Can't Live Without - Queen City Media

A successful business needs great people, ideas, and work ethic in order to achieve its goals. However, all of these elements don’t add up if you don’t have the correct tools reach optimum effectiveness. At Queen City Media we use several different platforms to plan and manage tasks, communicate amongst team members, and create an […]